The materials used in the production processes are characterized by their peculiarities, whether it is wood, glass, ceramic, leather or other natural materials. Each product of Hessentia Collection by Cornelio Cappellini is the result of the continuous combination of materials and production techniques where the craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation merges with the most modern technologies


Wood is a living material, perfect to make every product exclusive and not replicable thanks to the intrinsic uniqueness of the material itself. When the master-craftsman cuts solid wood and veneer, he enhances the different veins and natural shades of this material.


Metals, initially used as structural elements, have assumed a decorative role in the creation of several products of the collection Hessentia. Brushed bronze finish, currently highly appreciated on the international market, has been added to shiny chrome and shiny gold finishes. The continuous search for new finishes has led to the development of further metal working methods such as engraving or frosting technique.


The search for sophisticated fabrics is one of the main elements in every interior design project by Cornelio Cappellini. A wide range of materials, from pure cotton velvet to ‘pastel’ effect one, from geometric fabrics to three-dimensional ones, is constantly updated following the latest market trends.


All Cornelio Cappellini leathers, carefully selected, are of bovine origin and they are characterized by a very soft-touch and a clearly visible natural grain. Nabuk is the most demanded and appreciated leather, thanks to a wide assortment of trendy colours.


Blown glass is one of the characteristic elements of some products of Hessentia collection. Each blown glass item is distinguished from the others by its uniqueness and it is practically impossible to make two products that look exactly the same. Many traditional techniques are handed down by the master-glassmakers operating in the Venice area, who are entrusted with the production for Cornelio Cappellini.


The continuous search for precious and rare Marbles is the basis for the creation of products with a strong personality. Over time, Cornelio Cappellini has used marbles of Italian origin, such as Calacatta Oro and Fior di Pesco, but also others from overseas countries. Both Patagonia and Ocean Storm marbles, carefully selected for their intrinsic peculiarities, have become characteristic elements of some products of Hessentia collection.


The artistic working process of pottery is a further confirmation of Cornelio Cappellini's multi-material approach to the choice of materials. Each piece, after being moulded with extraordinary artistic skill, is dried and put in the oven for the first baking that determines the hardening of the raw material. A second baking process defines the final colour, creating unique pieces, always different from each other.


Technologically advanced production processes are often associated with artistic techniques. The use of high tech machineries allows Cornelio Cappellini a great precision in the realization of individual components destined to be assembled with other parts of the same product.