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Cannes |  Sofa

Each sofa of the collection Cannes displays a number of oval-shaped elements in curved plywood that envelop the seat after they have been covered in leather or fabric by skilled craftsmen. On all the curved elements of the back lies a soft cushion that embraces the one who has the pleasure of sitting down. The tailored seams of the cushion make it even more exclusive. Placed in a living area, the sofa becomes the undisputed protagonist, especially when its precious details are visible from all sides. It can be easily placed in contemporary villas but also in apartments located in ancient buildings.

Collection: Cannes

Type: Sofa

Category: Sofas

Design: Claudio Cappellini

Year: 2017

Material: Fabric, Leather


165 W x 83 D x 80 H cm CANNES.2200

205 W x 83 D x 80 H cm CANNES.2250

235 W x 90 D x 80 H cm CANNES.2300

255 W x 90 D x 80 H cm CANNES.2350

285 W x 90 D x 80 H cm CANNES.2400

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