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The following “Terms of use” (hereinafter, the “Terms”) govern User access to the website (hereinafter “the Site”) owned by Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l., based in Mariano Comense (Como), Italy, Via Pio X n. 54/56, C. F. / P. I 02343160137.

Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. invites the User to regularly consult the Terms, as well as the Information on the processing of data (Privacy Policies), the notice about our use of cookies (Cookie Policy) and the terms and Conditions of Sale, also to verify the presence of any updates and/or changes and/or additions.

Website Contents and use

The Internet website is an online portal for promotion and information about products, services and commercial initiatives offered by Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l to Users. It is understood that the use of the site and its navigation tools imply the complete and tacit acceptance of these conditions by the User, who must scrupulously comply with these provisions. Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. can make, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, changes and/or additions to these conditions without any liability for the aforementioned changes and/or additions. Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. authorizes the User to consult the images of the Products on the website and/or the technical drawings and/or everything is contained therein, as specified above, solely and exclusively for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes, being forbidden any other use without the prior written consent of Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l., as all rights are reserved. The website and its Contents are provided to the User in the form in which they are published and according to their availability of use, without any guarantee on the accuracy and/or completeness of the contents, nor the absence of viruses and/or other elements that may cause damage to the User. Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. also declares that the website may contain incorrect and/or inaccurate information. In this case, Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. will not be held responsible by the User, for any reason and/or cause, for what concerns the misoperation of the website and/or for any direct and/or indirect damages arising out of the use or inability to use the website and its Content, as well as any omissions and/or inaccuracies and/or errors of the Content of the Website and/or virus. The User declares to be the only and sole responsible for any loss of data, direct and/or indirect damages and/or costs suffered and / or incurred, of any nature and entity that may result from the use of the Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. website. Any kind of information contained in the website can never be used to create databases of any type and/or kind, nor be stored (in whole or in part) in existing databases, nor be used for commercial purposes.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All the contents of the Website such as, by way of example and not exhaustive, any kind of trademarks, even not registered, the Know-How, the software used for the creation of the website, the graphic layout, the images, the pictures, the videos, the sound recordings, the technical drawings, the documents, the databases, the tables, the texts, the slogans, the logos, the audio and video reproductions, and, generally, any other material, in any format, contained on this website are protected and defended by the laws in force on copyright, trademark protection and/or intellectual and industrial property rights. It is absolutely forbidden the reproduction, total or partial, in any form, of the material contained in this website and of the website itself, and it is expressly prohibited any extraction, reuse, load, copy, processing, use, distribution, transmission, publication of all material on the website and of the website itself, without any prior written authorization by Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. Any other activity that may undermine the legitimate interests of the authors and holders of rights on the original works and decorative models accessible thereon are forbidden. All the trademarks, domain names, corporate names, business names and marks available on the Website shall be the exclusive property of Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. and they are therefore protected by current legislation concerning hallmarks. Thus, the reproduction of the abovementioned names and marks, in any form or manner, is forbidden without the prior written consent of Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. The registration of both and trademarks in any TLD (i.e. Top-level Domain) is also prohibited.

Private areas of the site

This Site includes an area reserved for the User who can access only by sign-in credentials (consisting of username and password) (hereinafter “Credentials”) that will be released by Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l., at its sole discretion. It is therefore understood that Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. is not obliged to issue the access credentials to the reserved area of the site to the user who requests it, since Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. has only a mere faculty. Consequently Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. will not be responsible in the event that it does not release the credentials to a requesting user.The user must keep the credentials strictly confidential, protecting them with care and confidentiality, and he must not give them to other people, as the access to the reserved area is not allowed to not legitimate third parties.In case of subtraction and/or loss of credentials, the user has the obligation to promptly inform Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l., requesting their deactivation. Otherwise, all possible manifestations of Will, acts and / or facts of legal effects carried out through the user's account will undoubtedly be attributed to the user himself. The user, therefore, is responsible for all the activities that will be carried out through the credentials associated with him and issued by Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. The User undertakes, also, to ensure and guarantee the veracity and correctness of their data associated with the credentials, and he undertakes to promptly inform Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l., to the email address, about any change in both its data and in all the information provided to Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. for the use of the site.

Illegal use of the site

The User declares and guarantees right now to use the Site and/or the reserved area and/or Credentials in accordance with these Conditions and with diligence and/or care in order not to cause disruption and/or damage and/or malfunction to the Site and/or the reserved area, working to maintain the functionality of both the Site and the reserved area.It is therefore understood that the User undertakes:

Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. reserves, at its sole discretion and at any time, the right to prevent the user from accessing the site and/or the reserved area, as well as may permanently or temporarily revoke the user's credentials, without any liability being imputed to him.


Cornelio Cappellini s. r. l. does not authorize the creation of links to the home page of the website accessible at the web address and any other page within the website itself, except with prior written permission. Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. also prohibits what follows:

Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l also prohibits what follows:

Personal data and Cookies

Personal data are processed in accordance with and for the purposes of what is expressly provided in the information on data processing in the section “Privacy Policy” of this site.Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. also agrees to use cookies as specified in the “Cookie Policy” section of the site.


For any information concerning both the use of the site and these conditions, the user can contact Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. at the following e-mail address and / or telephone number +39 031 751505.


Cornelio Cappellini s.r.l. reserves from now on the right to modify these conditions at any time, without any notice, and, consequently, Users have the duty to verify them before accessing the site itself. It is understood that in the event that one and/or more provisions contained in these conditions should be cancelled and/or declared void, the remaining provisions will remain fully valid and effective.

Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by Italian law and the competent court is, exclusively, the Court of Como. It is noted that in the event of any interpretative contrast of these conditions between the Italian version and any other language versions, the Italian language version shall prevail.